Omni Recycling - FAQs

Here is a simple guide as to what can and what cannot be recycled. It’s best to just stick with the basics.

What CAN I recycle?

  • Plastic bottles and containers with the ♳ or ♴ on the bottom
  • Food & beverage cans such as tin, aluminum or steel cans
  • Paper such as newspapers, office papers, magazines, envelopes, etc.
  • Cardboard (clean and flattened)
  • Paperboard boxes such as cereal and snack boxes (clean and flattened)
  • Glass bottles and containers

What CAN’T I recycle?

  • Any plastic container without a or on the bottom and other plastics such as plastic bags, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, sandwich bags, freezer bags, juice bags, etc. 
  • Used pizza boxes or food-stained cardboard
  • Propane containers
  • Polystyrene foam
  • Garden hoses
  • Diapers
  • Clothing, shoes, etc.
  • Plate glass
  • Batteries (of any kind)

Remember: When in doubt, throw it out!

Do I have to sort my recycling?

No. We offer single stream recycling, which means all recyclables, including aluminum, cardboard, paper, plastic, etc., can be collected together and taken to our plant to be sorted.

How should I store my recycling bin?

Make sure to store your recycling bin with the lid closed to keep out rain, snow and other debris.

I still have questions. What should I do?

We’re happy to help! Contact us at 856-589-7400 or send us a message online.
Omni Recycling is the leading single stream recycling company in South Jersey serving municipalities and corporate clients.
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